ODI Conformance Statements

As a librarian deeply interested in resource discovery, I take a great interest in the resources made available through web-scale discovery services. I have the privilege of serving on the NISO Open Discovery Initiative (ODI) Standing Committee, and before that, the Open Discovery Initiative Working Group. Now that the conformance process has been finalized, some content and discovery providers have begun making their statements available.

To help other library staff easily find voluntary statements of conformance submitted by content providers, I am maintaining this list of publicly-available documents. This page has no official relation to the NISO ODI committees. Any opinions expressed here are exclusively my own. If you have questions or comments, please direct them to ken@varnum.org.

Conformance Checklist
(Content Provider / Market Product)
Statement Date Source
Credo 23 June 2015 Press Release
EBSCO (EBSCO Discovery Service) 24 June 2015 Blog post
Emerald Publishing 10 August 2017 Press Release
Ex Libris (Primo Discovery Service) 24 June 2015 Press Release
Gale Cengage (see market product list) 23 June 2015 Press Release
IEEE 23 June 2015 Press Release
ProQuest (Summon) 26 June 2015 Blog post
SAGE 23 June 2015 Press Release