New Top Technologies Every Librarian Needs to Know

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New Top Technologies Every Librarian Needs to Know is a new volume of library technologies. Similar to 2014's best-selling Top Technologies Every Librarian Needs to KnowNew Top Technologies explores library technologies just emerging from the background into reality. Each technology will be significant to libraries in the near term (authors were asked to think about a 3-5 year horizon as they made their predictions). This book is a guide to library administrators and technologists as they plan future investigations and expenditures.

Table of Contents

Part I Data

  1. "Linked Open Data in Libraries"
    Cliff Landis
  2. "Everything Is Online: Libraries and the Internet of Things"
    Matthew Connolly
  3. "Link Rot, Reference Rot, and Link Resolvers"
    Justin M. White
  4. "Engaging Libraries with Web Archives"
    Todd Suomela

Part II Services

  1. "Privacy-Protection Technology Tools: Libraries and Librarians as Users, Contributors, and Advocates"
    Monica Maceli
  2. "Data for Discovery"
    Julia Bauder
  3. "Libraries and Information Visualization: Application and Value"
    Elizabeth Joan Kelly
  4. "Virtual Reality: Out of This World"
    Austin Olney

Part III Repositories and Access

  1. "Digital Exhibits to Digital Humanities: Expanding the Digital Libraries Portfolio"
    Daniel Johnson and Mark Dehmlow
  2. "Digital Repositories: A Systems Perspective"
    Joshua A. Westgard, Kate Dohe, David Durden, and Joseph Koivisto
  3. "Digital Repositories"
    Jessica Wagner Webster
  4. "Maximizing Assets and Access through Digital Publishing: Opportunities and Implications for Special Collections"
    Ellen Engseth and Marguerite Ragnow

Part IV Interoperability

  1. "Impact of International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) on Digital Repositories"
    Kelli Babcock and Rachel Di Cresce
  2. "Embracing Embeddedness with Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI)"
    Lauren Magnuson
  3. "Bots and the Library: Exploring New Possibilities for Automation and Engagement"
    Jeanette Claire Sewell
  4. "Machine Learning for Libraries"
    Alan Darnell
  5. "Mobile Technology"
    Gordon F. Xu and Jin Xiu Guo

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